The Haiku 1

morning fog
the sunflowers
in a blanket of frost

                            --Lorelyn Arevalo

blown open door -
the tearoom is thronged
with dead leaves
                            --Lavana Kray

clear winter day
a magpie picks through
pomegranate leftovers
                            --Tomislav Sjekloća

the leaves are still visible
under a thin layer of snow
it's still snowing
                            --Mykyta Ryzhykh  

first snow
a robinsong blooms
among holly berries 
                            --Christina Chin

holly berries
blood stains
                            --Sarah das Gupta

new dollar store
blocks away from another ...
rain and snow mixed
                            --Chen-ou Liu

a blast of cold wind 
eddies of sand fill the air
gulls turn, face the wind
                            --Edward W. L. Smith

inner city snow
whitecapped scrap metal yard
barking Doberman
                            --John Grey

January crows
stare down from barest branches
black and white morning
                            --Ron. Lavalette

feet up
in the snowbank
an unknown bird
                            --Kimberly Kuchar

lake winds
my hat
a block ahead of me
                            --John Grochalski      

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