The Haiku 1

morning fog
the sunflowers
in a blanket of frost

                            --Lorelyn Arevalo

blown open door -
the tearoom is thronged
with dead leaves
                            --Lavana Kray

clear winter day
a magpie picks through
pomegranate leftovers
                            --Tomislav Sjekloća

the leaves are still visible
under a thin layer of snow
it's still snowing
                            --Mykyta Ryzhykh  

first snow
a robinsong blooms
among holly berries 
                            --Christina Chin

holly berries
blood stains
                            --Sarah das Gupta

new dollar store
blocks away from another ...
rain and snow mixed
                            --Chen-ou Liu

a blast of cold wind 
eddies of sand fill the air
gulls turn, face the wind
                            --Edward W. L. Smith

inner city snow
whitecapped scrap metal yard
barking Doberman
                            --John Grey

January crows
stare down from barest branches
black and white morning
                            --Ron. Lavalette

feet up
in the snowbank
an unknown bird
                            --Kimberly Kuchar

lake winds
my hat
a block ahead of me
                            --John Grochalski      

The Haiku 2

eight California quail
huddle on blue spruce branch
heavy morning snow
                            --Lynne Goldsmith

first breath of winter
rooks call their parliament…
find us wanting
                            --John Hawkhead

the horses seem at home
in the snow-covered fields
                            --Timothy Resau

trying to recall
the scent of a daffodil
                            --Tony Williams

wind chill
chirping unseen 
                            --Carl Mayfield

a cold winter night
Orion chases doves
                            --Ceri Marriot

cold sea
pleasure the sting
upon the wind
                            --James Young

winter field
blackbirds settling in
the tent city 
                            --Deborah A. Bennett

the oriole nest
swings against the leafless sky
silent winter bell
                            --Pepper Trail

even in December,
the hedges seem to sprout
                            --David Josephsohn

morning sun
the slow ricochet
of river ice
                            --Frank Hooven

the cattle stand
inside themselves
                            --JS Absher

The Haiku 3

old limbs crack and pop
smoke lifts into the snow clouds
the kettle simmers
                            --Tom Lagasse

cold, the saw teeth cut
wet pine plops as pulp
winter’s first snow
                            --Jeff Burt

a chill on my nose,
fingers freezing from a touch,
winter setting in
                            --Kathryn Holeton

deep in wine thought
another snowflake falls
to the cracked pavement

                            --John Grochalski

half-moon in the window
even my bed
is covered in snow

                            --JS Absher

winter concert at night 
at the end we stand clapping 
the sound of heavy rain 
                            --Sister Lou Ella Hickman, I.W.B.S

crushed berries underfoot
discolor the snow
cleared paths
                            --Jerome Berglund

late snow
the ground... the colour
of a day moon
                            --Marilyn Ward

bright winter morning
a north wind rattles
the bones of old maples
                            --James Babbs

the dying red sun
of a winter's day
                            --Ceri Marriott

early winter snow
drifting outside my window
each flake falls alone
                            --Pepper Trail

bell’s toll
all but lost
in this storm
                            --Helen Buckingham

Marco Fraticelli

milkweed pods
with snow

winter funeral
breakfast and supper
in the dark

through bare branches
the blue

vigil for the victims
my daughter's swing
fills with snow

in the firewood

the stone buddha
in snow
up to his smile

fireplace ashes
the compost pile

over the cemetery

at the muffler shop
instant coffee
in a styrofoam cup

after the funeral
the children
making snow angels

this longest night
a maple leaf
for a bookmark

covid 19
snowflakes melt
as they touch the street

the lake freezes
crows feet 
in the mirror

winter solstice
a leaf drops 
from the plastic plant

new years morning
behind the jam jars
a broken cocoon

The Haiku 4

morning stillness
new snow clinging
to the spruce
                            --Bri Bruce

dahlia field
the short day
                            --Daya Bhat

crystal prisms
leap over Cathedral Falls
streaming colors
                            --Douglas J. Lanzo

the whither 
of the river 
lost for a while 
in the flood
                            --Herb Tate

surrounded by pines
decorated in snow
lone cabin
                            --Roberta Beach Jacobson

January dusk
icicles hanging
from the barren aspens
                            --Danny Daw

five deer run
their tails whiter than the snow
last night there were six
                            --Royal Rhodes

stay home moon
young grass waiting 
under snow 
                            --Deborah A. Bennett

to make the snow shine
three-quarter moon
                            --Tony Williams

full moon / full moon,
O, full moon over the
snow-covered pines
                            --Timothy Resau

bridging the gap
between headstones
fallen snow
                            --Ravi Kiran

into mist...
the winter brook
                            --Ram Chandran

The Haiku 5

the black and white world
midwinter beneath the moon
breath mistaken for ghosts
                            --Tom Barlow

winter rain 
the leaves hang on 
to every raindrop 
                            --Minal Sarosh

death cap mushroom
beneath the oak
cold moon
                            --Farah Ali

ice-glazed mulberry branch
a blue jay's call
falls to Earth
                            --Joshua St. Claire

dead of winter
abandoned spider web
above the garage door
                            --James Babbs

harsh winter 
the smothering warmth 
of the funeral home
                            --Vandana Parashar

winter solstice—
the long shadow
of my father’s leaving
                            --Adele Evershed

winter light
mist in the grey
of shrouds
                            --John Hawkhead

so cold the waterfall
freezes in mid-flow - 
the ice moans
                            --Ceri Marriott

hawthorn hedge
winter bones stripped bare
                            --Sarah das Gupta

                            --C.X. Turner

The Haiku 6

the brouhaha
of coppersmith barbets
early sunset
                            --Daya Bhat

winter night
the drum beater warms his drums
in the pyre
                            --R. Suresh babu

in the grip of winter
the mistletoe
welcomes the thrush
                            --Ceri Marriot

on the bench
a stranger's park coat —
crocus in snow
                            --Richa Sharma

fresh snow crows in the outfield
                            --Michael Dylan Welch

no snow on the ground
January in LA
traffic getting worse
                            --CLS Sandoval

broken fence winter adrift
                            --Barrie Levine

frosted housetops
distant sun peeks through pine trees
chill still remains
                            --LaMon Brown

a pair of geese
heading downriver
winter sunset
                            --Ruth Holzer

winter sunset
the way our shadows
wrap themselves up
                             --Cody Huddelston

We open sheer silk
robes to name winter’s great stars—
                            --Karla Linn Merrifield

stuck by the window -
if it wasn't for the blizzard,
I'd find your tracks
                            --Lavana Kray


old man winter
i peel off the moon
and lie in my bed
the distant call 
of a snowy barn owl
Uchechukwu Onyedikam/Christina Chin

kingfisher —
flashes orange
cyan and blue
reflected on a floe
in the Naeroyfjord  
                    --Christina Chin/Paul Callus

To Hear the Ocean

by Rebecca Drouilhet

I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying. 
—From Sea Fever by John Masefield, 1902

Years pass, but the glass on the water is not a secret.  The Sixth Extinction is not an illusion. Creatures on this planet are vanishing at one thousand to ten thousand times the rate of natural loss. This week, a Mississippi Coast native called for action to protect seabirds during Audubon's Seabird Fly-In, an event where staff and members met with members of Congress to advocate for coastal conservation. Audubon had recently issued a report stating that, since the 1950's, the planet has lost 70% of its shore birds. The causes cited included pollution, climate change, invasive species and loss of food. Humans compete with sea birds for prey such as sardines, or discard the birds' food sources as unwanted by-catch. Around the world, species are disappearing so fast that food chains are collapsing.

wave after wave
the message in a bottle
still unread